Monday, November 10, 2008

Not About Me!

I had the priviledge of going to the Bebo Norman/Mercy Me concert on Saturday night. I have been a fan of Bebo Norman for a few years now, although I have to admit I was not really familiar with Mercy Me. I have heard and enjoyed their songs on the radio, and knew their name, but never connected the two.

I was really sad that Bebo didn't really get to perform that long. He is just a very simple, and humble guy. I wasn't sure what to expect with Mercy Me. I was so blessed by their part of the concert as well. They are extremely talented and I quickly saw why so many people are attracted to their music.

I think even more than the music, I was blessed by what the lead singer, Bart, had to share with us. He had some amazing insight in general, but there was something in particular he said that stuck with me. He talked about how this life is not about ourselves, but about God receiving glory above anything else. I am paraphrasing, but he talked about how God must be glorified regardless of the circumstances of our lives. Even if it must be uncomfortable or even painful, if God is glorified, that is the way it has to be.

I can remember a dear friend of mine telling me that God doesn't want us happy, he wants us his. That is kind of hard for me to swallow. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but I also understand her intention in that statement. Of course God delights in our happiness, otherwise why would he bless us? However, I do think that our happiness isn't God's number one priority.

I say all of that because I am learning that sometimes God being glorified often comes at the expense of my happiness. When mom was diagnosed with cancer, I thought it was the end of my world. How could I live without my mother? I'm too young to be without her! Looking back now, I see we all had to go through that storm so that needed change would take place in all of us. My mom says cancer was one of the best things that happened to her. I think this is all easier to understand because my mom was healed and is alive.

Ok, I'll stop now because I am rambling. I would like to know if you can relate. If you can't, just lie so I can feel better about myself! ;)


Su said...

Wow, I'm jealous that you got to go the concert. My deskmate at work went as well, and she loved it!

Anonymous said...

That was such a good concert...not just the music (which I absolutely LOVED!) but the points that Bebo and Bart each brought up. There is much more going on in this world than ME. The things that I have lived, the things that I am facing now, the things that I will face in the part in that is to give God the glory. I need to get me out of the way and focus on Him.

Shamefully at times He has had to let me fall into the pit before I would remember that He will be glorified. Maybe I'm catching on a little bit finally.

I wish Bebo could have sang more too...and Mercy Me as well. There are tons of good songs between those two for sure!! Thanks again.

cemotosnack said...

I wish I had that talk recorded, because it was so clear to me as he was speaking. I tried to think about it later and I just can't seem to nail it down like he did.

This world is not about me ... this town is not about me ... my life isn't even about me ... it's about the One who created it all. He will stop at nothing in order to be glorified.

I'm especially reminded of this in the old testament. He wanted people to recognize that He was God and He went to great lengths to show them. This world is about Him and He will make sure we remember that.

I was really impacted by what Bart said about God being involved in suffering. We don't want to believe that God is a part of that. But when He pointed out Calvary I had to look at that differently than I ever have. I have not ever really looked at that as God allowing Jesus (His Son) to suffer and die. God allowed it, planned it, knew it was necessary for His glory. For some reason I looked at it differently when compared to the sufering we go through. How can I watch God's actions with Jesus and expect them to be any different with me.

So who am I to think that my aunt's cancer was unfair ... was God glorified? Yes He was ... and that's the point.

I'm still wrapping my brain around some of this, but that concert sure gave me a lot to think about. I'm so glad we went.

Sarah said...

Sherry, I wish we had their words recorded because I was really impacted by what both of them shared. My memory isn't what it should be, so I just remember bits and pieces.

Paige, you are right. If God allowed Christ to suffer so that he could be glorified, why wouldn't he do the same with us? I think we have an aversion to unpleasant things involving God. Our human minds cannot even begin to comprehend the whys. His ways are higher than our ways.

Mommahen said...

I am so glad you had a great time!
And I can so relate! Several years ago Chris was laid off from his job exactly two weeks before Christmas. We had no idea what we were going to do. I am a worrier by nature and so I freaked! I asked God "WHY" a lot. But by New Year's Chris had a new job. It was a significant pay cut (over $10,000/year). Once again, I panicked. Putting pen to paper we didn't even make enough for me to get my children's hair cut every month. Now we are three years down the road and I can see all that God was taking us through. He showed us through the United gift card in the mail, the bicycle the church gave us, the cash the seniors class gave us, the bills that were paid every month that He would get us through. I was worried, it was tight, but He is the one who worked all things out--He is the one who receives all glory for that time. He was working something big in our lives, we just couldn't see it. And it meant we had to be uncomfortable for a while.

But I am grateful for His provision, His guidance, His assurance during that time. Although those were some dark days, God was leading.

Now who is rambling?

Anonymous said...

I have heard other people say that cancer was the best thing that has happened to them. Of course it comes from those that are survivors.
I guess everyone that goes through a storm like that, has to see changes in their lives and the lives of their family and friends, and hopefully it is for the good, and thier faith has grown.
I have been through a few storms in my life, but I do not think I have thanked God for the storm, or given Him praise while I was in the storm, and I am pretty sure I did not glorify God. I just prayed He would take it away for me.
So I guess I still think it is all about me and what I want.
I still have some growing to do. Will I ever get it?

Sarah said...

I wonder if in the times of storm, when relief doesn't come, or the loved one is lost, if I can still endure and give God glory. If I were honest with myself, I'm pretty sure I would wallow in my misery and not think twice about thanking God.

I don't want to learn those things the hard way. I want to get the lesson before God has to get my attention or humble me.

Elaine, you and Chris have been through so much and it is a testiment to the Lord how you both weathered those storms. He built both of your faith, and provided your children with a glimpse of how his people deal with adversity. They will always remember that and give glory to God because of you!

Celia, one of the things Bebo Norman talked about is seeing tragedy and asking "Lord, where are you in all of this?" I think that is the approach most of us take to adversity. Our minds are so small and human, we can't see the big plan. Someone once told me it is like you can only see the snapshot of this time in your life, without being able to see the entire album. I see you serving others, and I can attest that you are not an "all about me" kind of person! You have the heart of a servant and so many of us are blessed by your example! God is glorified through you!

Happy Mama said...

I love Mercy Me and Bebo is so awesome! Those kind of events really wake my spiritual life up because music is such a big part of my life. I am so glad you had a great experience! Hope you are doing well and have a Happy Thanksgiving!