Monday, August 11, 2008

House pics!

Dining Room

Living Room

My Green Grass Master Bath

Addy in the Living Room as if she's always belonged!

The Sunshine Master Bedroom

Brad, Kelly, and Paige working on my fence! Aren't they sweet!

Tanner and Brad working hard!

So my house is really coming together. I am really blessed to have amazing family and friends who have been so willing to make this happen for me. Yesterday at church we sang God Has Smiled on Me. It is hard for me to think about that without tearing up. God truly has blessed me with this house!


Sydni said...

Oh! I REALLY like your house. The colors and everything look so cheery. Very striking. Thanks so much for sharing those pictures.

MegCherry said...

Your house looks awesome! All your hard work really paid off! I love your master bedroom and your comforter. I want a yellow room! Miss you!

cemotosnack said...

Sarah, I'm so glad that your house has been a blessing to you.

I know that it has already created many blessings in my life. I was able to experience a heart reunion a few weeks ago that was a long time coming. I was able to be around some people that reassured me that I had not destroyed the bridges of our friendship.

Each time I've been there I have left feeling better than I did when I got there.

God blessed you with a HOME and you are using it to bless so many.

Thanks for letting me be one those.

Elaine Canham said...

Your house looks great Sarah! Where are you located again, I think you might live close to Drew and I. Have a great day back tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, your home is beautiful. I love the paint colors, especially your cheery bedroom and happy bathroom.
That is a great way to wake up each day.
The colors fit your personality, happy cheerful colors.

Mommahen said...

Can I hire you out to do some work here?!

I really can't put into to words how happy I am for you. Amazing, the plans we have for ourselves never turn out as wonderful as God's! A year ago did you see yourself here?

I praise Him for where He has brought you. We all benefit from your blessings!

barry (806)281-8641 said...


What about the gaming/poolhall/dartboard/airhockey room? Did you forget to post pics or what? That is all you're missing.....

Sarah said...

Sydni, y'all pack up and come see me! I got plenty of room!

Megan, I miss you too! We started back today and it still doesn't seem the same without you! Call me if you head this way!

Paige, you are welcome here anytime. I love that you feel comfortable in my home! It just seems right having you here!

Elaine! I miss my neighbor! I hope Frenship treats you well. They are very fortunate to have you! BTW, I live near 44th and Utica.

Celia, you are so kind to me! You and Ms. Marge will have to come over for coffee and dessert sometime and see it all in person!

Elaine, it is in large part because of your prayers that I am in this house. God listens to you! Keep it up, girlfriend!

Barry, I'll get right on those game room pics. I think you'll especially like the humidor I've had custom built in that room too! **LOL**

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Your house is such a great place. It is so "YOU". It seems like God led you to just the right place. He's good at that kind of thing.

I look forward to seeing all the good that comes from you and your welcoming house. God will do great things there because you will let Him!

Timbra said...

love the look of the new house. . . it's really coming together, i suppose, since we didn't really see any "before" photos we just have to assume i guess :) so yeah, we won't be coming with mike on his trip and by the way. . . we set the date before you wrote him and right now it looks like he was planning to come the very weekend you forbid him to. . . oops!!! who knows, maybe someone will smile down on us and we'll find the money for all of us to come and we can change the dates?!!!!

Happy Mama said...

Wow! You sure were painting! LOVE the colors! You are quite the little decorator- bright, cheery and so welcoming! Congrats and you deserve it! So happy for you!

Timbra said...

okay, it's been sort of confirmed. . . oct 2-4th. . . hope you'll get to see mike!

barry (806)281-8641 said...

wow, a humidor? Shouldn't that have been your featured pic? Good thing you got all that done before school started. It'll be a nice place for you to come home to after dealing with children and their parents. Like the no left behind kids program in oklyhomy.

heather said...

your house looks great, sarah! how are you doing?

Lisa E said...

Love your house, Sarah!!! You have been a very busy girl and your hard work has paid off. I love the paint colors and how bright and happy everything is. It looks just like you...a breath of fresh air and lots of sunshine!

Hope you are doing well!

barry said...

OK Sarah, you know you can update your blog and we can still go back and look at the one about your new home. Just making sure you knew.