Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dang It, Tina!

I guess Tina has decided to go private with her videos. So much for my blog series! Now I feel like I can say it. Tina, we all laughed at you. However, we are all good people! Go with God!


Sherry Fisher said...

Her mother probably saw it and said "YOU GET THAT OFF THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW!!!"

...or so the mother side of me is thinking... ;-)

barry said...

What a disappointment that Tina can't pursue her dream....And yes, we did laugh. I hope you can overcome the bloggers block that I know this sudden and untimely loss of Tina's videos has caused you......Have a happy Thanksgiving. Paige put an excellent synopsis of Rex's lesson tonight on her blog....I ought to just give Paige a big 'ol hug next time I see her- but....I have a thousand dollar deductible on my insurance so I can't afford to.

cemotosnack said...

Barry doesn't look all the bright but apparently he is!!!

I will miss Tina!

barry said...


You have given me another thing to be thankful for--that looks can be deceiving! Hehe

Lisa said...

I think it was her closing remarks that distressed her mother.